Monday, January 18, 2010

North Perry Gator Football 2009

Both of the boys had a great season. Jayce's team finished the regular season with out being scored on. They only allowed one touchdown in the playoff games. They ended their season with a 2 point loss in the championship game. That championship loss was only their second loss in three seasons. They are a great team. Noah's team made it through the regular season without a loss and won the county championships. They went on to play in the First Annual, Champion vs Champion, Battle of the Bridge. They played the champion team from Jefferson county and won 38-13. What a season!

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  1. All my boys would be SO jealous.
    They feel robbed because they can't play here.
    Stupid Pop Warner has those darn Sunday games.

  2. Yeah, sometimes I wish we were pop warner. Then we would have an excuse for not playing. The coaches here are pretty serious. Practice 2-2.5 hrs, 5 days a week and games on Saturday. It's a huge commitment for 5-11 yr olds.