Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Disneyland Birthday

Back in October, Noah and I were able to do something really special, not to mention FUN, for his birthday. Just the two of us (and a our friend Julieanne) spent 3 fun filled days in Disneyland and California Adventure. This is the first time we have been able to visit outside of summer, so it was cool seeing the park all dressed up in its holiday decor. To top it off, he was able to meet a lot of the villains that are not usually at the park. We also were able to ride on a few rides that had special changes for the Halloween season. Space Mountain is one of his favorites and it had nice little added surprises around each whiplashing turn. On the day of his birthday we attended Mickey's Trick or Treat party. I was really suprised to see that almost everyone was in costume that night. We even caught sight of a few characters that we have never seen at the park, Cinderella's stepmother and evil stepsisters. It turned out that they weren't employees. Even more suprising, they weren't even girls! (Picture below)

We both had a great time apart from Noah coming down with a fever and myself spending a night feeling nauseated. I hope this will be a birthday that he always remembers.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Still catching up!

I know we are ready to see some spring colors but I am still on fall colors!

Fall term I decided to take a photography class and one of our first assignments was fall colors. I am not really a scenery photo type of a person so I had to throw my kids in them. In the end I tried to stretch myself and do something without people in them. I have to say I was a little suprised with what I was able to capture.