Thursday, August 13, 2009

Whaling Days Run

Well let me see, how did we end up doing this?? Oh yeah, it was Jayce's idea. He had seen one of the flyers and wanted to enter. I hate running so I am not sure why or how I ended up in the race. Sydney somehow managed to escape it. She was supposed to be the photographer. Hmmm... I believe there were around 400 participants in the one mile. I know for you runners out there, that is something you can manage on a break in between chores, so don't laugh. Did I mention I HATE RUNNING! So I would have to say this was something out of the norm for me to enter. Final results were grouped by age brackets and gender. They gave ribbons for the top 5 in each group. Errol- 2nd, LaRee- 4th, Lindsay- 2nd and Jayce- 8th. Not to shab. I won't tell you the finish times since the kids came in before me. But I will say that Lindsay was only 28 seconds behind the overall top winner for the females. Maybe we will try this again next year and I will be draggin Sydney with me!


  1. You guys are awesome. Way to go Holcombs!

  2. Just thought I would say hi! Looks like you are all having a very good time... even though it is running... can't wait to do the HTC with Errol! Love you all!